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Do You Believe in New Year's Resolutions?

My Body Talk Show - Cilia Li

4 Jan 2023

Dr Kelly Dickson joined three baddies to talk about New Year's Resolutions on CIlia Li's My Body Talk Show:

Happy New Year! What's your new year's resolution? Cilia Li invited three of her closest baddies, Dr Kelly Dickson, Clare Mensah and Cheryl Conquers onto this podcast episode to talk about New Year's Resolution and what kind of mindset you should have when you're looking to achieve your goals. The line up is fire, all three women come from different backgrounds, different perspective and different characteristics. Expect to also hear about astrology, manifestation and other interesting topics. you can find the host Cilia Li and her three guests on Instagram: Cilia Li @mybody Clare @clare_missticklefit Cheryl Conquers @cherlyconquers and myself, Dr Kelly Dickson @drkellydickson Hosted on Acast.

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