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As an associate professor at UCL, I  have over 15 years experience supporting staff and students to excel in their chosen fields. What I have found is that as a practitioner, academic, teacher, coach, or simply someone who works with others, you 'know how therapy/coaching works' and would benefit more from the opportunity to think about your professional role, with a peer, who can support you to explore how your you want to work with your client group. For example, are you a 1:1 or more of a group coach? Do you want to provide personal training online or in person? Do you want a social media presence or to remain more anonymous? Are you a spiritual yoga teacher that also wants to provide tarot readings? Do you want to only practice part-time while exploring other revenue streams? How do you even put a client contract together, and when should you do your taxes?


From the personal to the business aspects of your practice, you might benefit from a set number of sessions to explore who and how you want to practice. If this is something you haven't thought or of experienced before then please get in touch, and I explain more how it might work and how you might benefit. It is something that has helped me grow my business, understand how I practice, and supported me to remain true to my values and enlivened in the work that I do.


Dr Kelly Dickson,

PhD, MSc. MA, BSc.

Please get in touch about your research needs 

London, UK, WC1H & N1
Tel: 07729191182

Thank you for your message. I shall be in touch shortly - Dr Kelly Dickson

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