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Integrative Psychotherapy
and Counselling 

How Therapy Helps

Counseling and psychotherapy can support you to gain a deeper understanding of what is causing distress in your life and help you to identify what is blocking you from reaching your full potential. Dedicating a set time and space to explore what is challenging you with a qualified professional can help you to feel calmer and more robust, which in turn enables you to address the difficulties you are currently facing, make more informed choices, and lead to lasting change. Overall counseling and psychotherapy can help you feel more in charge of yourself, your life, and your relationships

What Next? 

Contacting a therapist can be daunting. It can feel like a big step into the unknown, but an important one, as you may be feeling ready to tackle some difficult issues in your life: When you are ready:

Step one: Make initial contact. You can do this confidentially by email, phone, or book online

Step two: Have an initial session to consider if/how we can work together. 


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My Approach 

The evidence suggests that finding a therapist or you feel able to talk to and understood by is key to a successful therapeutic experience. I am a down-to-earth, intelligent and non-judgmental integrative psychotherapist and counsellor working with a range of issues.

Ideally, therapy is a collaborative partnership and my style is active and empowering. I see you as the 'expert' of your own life and myself as the 'expert' on therapeutic interventions. Together we focus on utilising your strengths and fostering insight and awareness in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. I aim to help people improve the quality of their lives by promoting self-awareness and understanding, and by identifying and addressing any unhelpful behavioural patterns or self-defeating attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs.

I practice from an inclusive and non-discriminatory stance. That means that I take into consideration the way in which our mental health and psychological well-being may be influenced and shaped by socio-demographic factors such as: age, class, gender, ethnicity/race, religion, dis/ability, sexuality, language, etc.  


What can I talk

You might know in advance what you want to talk about and address or it might be a nagging feeling that something doesn't feel right. You might be clear that you want to focus on specific goals around your well-being or have an unstructured space to explore and grow.


Common areas I have experience of working with include: 


Get in touch

Feel free to get in touch to see if we are a good fit and want to work together.

Thanks for submitting!

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