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Tailoring my way of working to suit you and your needs as an individual, we would meet each week, for 50 minutes to explore any pressing concerns, complex problems, or ongoing unresolved issues you are facing in your life right now. We may agree to meet for a time-limited period and/or review progress after a set number of sessions. 


By setting clear goals around your aspirations and needs, we would meet every two weeks, to explore and chart your progress to living a more fulfilling life, as decided by you. Drawing on a range of evidence-based coaching strategies,  we would work together to embed new habits, to create and enhance the life you want. 


As an associate professor in evidence-based mental health, I  have worked with a range of practitioners (e.g. coaches, personal trainers, wellbeing advisors, and therapists)  interested in professional mentorship. I am passionate about providing a space for people to consider what type of practitioner they want to be, and how they might want to practice and ensure their business flourishes. If you would like to know more about my approach to mentorship please contact me for further details. 

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